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Editorial and Color in Adobe CC.

Another promo for the spa division.  Adobe Premiere and After Effects.

The latest 30 spot for the Outdoor Channel.

Ready for establishing aerial HD video scenes over architecture, industrial, construction, real-estate, sports and corporate complex flybys! :)

IPhone case technology.  I cut and colored this promo in the Adobe Suite. Thanks to Ridge and Greg for the project.





My name is Dan Schmidt and welcome to the SEE360 media portfolio.   I am an award winning freelance Director/Editor with over 10 years experience.  Our professional team provides Video Production and Post Production for Social Media, Online Promotion, and Television Globally.  This includes creating online product promotion, sports, corporate, commercial and entertainment media.

We listen and convey the message you want delivered to your audience with quality and efficiency.  This allows you to save time and money in your marketing strategies with the use of email video links and social media.  

The technical focus is in what the objectives are and how we translate your message with the creative process in digital video production.  This approach in turn gives us a clear understanding of what we call shooting for the edit.  This consistent communication from conceptualization to publishing allows us to have a clear mission and strategy to produce award winning work every time.

Stories may be told in 30 seconds or 90 minutes. SEE360 provides the creative editorial to increase web site traffic and give you a faster impact online with just one click.  

Some of our clients include: Universal, Nike, General Mills, Remington, Parametric Portfolio, USA Olympics and Aveda.

SEE360.  Let’s do something that is professional and gives you results.

Feel free to ask questions on how we can help you find a solution with your brand and video campaign.  

We appreciate your time!

Daniel Schmidt_Producer


Motion branding.

Corporate mission.  Produced with Adobe CC suite.

After Effects test

PSAV_LOGO_1080pFINAL.mp4 from SEE360 on Vimeo.

Promo for live event screening

Corporate Capabilities.  Produced with the Adobe CC suite.

What’s in the Box?

Mark III, Premiere and After Effects.

New tag with audio sync.  Simple but cool.  Shot with the phantom camera.  I ended up doing second cut with the tag.

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